Foods and Drinks to Avoid with Diabetes

 As a diabetic, you are always advised to have proper nutrition. It is important to follow the diet guidelines even when one has a health condition like diabetes. However, there are many foods and drinks that one needs to avoid diabetes. Here are some of them.

Refined sugars and table salt are two examples of sugar or salt that should be avoided with diabetes. These products contain excessive amounts of carbohydrates that can raise the level of sugar in the blood. The excess amount of glucose in the bloodstream can cause the cells in the body to become prone to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can lead to the cells not being able to absorb sugar from food anymore leading to diabetic symptoms.

Alcoholic beverages are also among the drinks and foods to avoid diabetes. Some drinks that are high in alcohol content include beer, rum, vodka, champagne, whiskey, gin, brandy, and wine. This is because these drinks contain high amounts of simple sugars. Simple sugars are absorbed very easily by the body. And the effect can be dangerous for diabetics.

Caffeinated drinks are also high in sugars. Coffee, tea, sodas, chocolates, fruit juices and energy drinks are just a few examples. They have caffeine, which can further increase the level of sugar in the bloodstream. This will cause more harm than good. So the next time you reach for a drink, think twice before grabbing that cup. Instead, opt for something with low calories, low in carbohydrates and moderate in sugar content.

Sugar-rich foods and drinks are also bad for those diagnosed with diabetes. Foods and drinks high in simple sugars and refined carbohydrates are easier for the body to digest. And when digestion is hindered, the body may not be able to absorb the necessary nutrients from food. Processed foods are also easily converted into sugar.

Aside from avoiding foods and drinks to avoid diabetes, you should also exercise regularly. Exercise will help you control your blood glucose level. However, it does not mean you have to enroll in a diabetes fitness program. Simply exercising every day will help. It will also help you maintain a healthy weight if you choose to lose weight to control diabetes.

Eating foods and drinks to avoid diabetes is important, but it is not enough. Your diet should be balanced and healthy as well. If you find yourself suffering from frequent heartburn or indigestion, it is time to visit your doctor and discuss your condition. He may be able to prescribe medicines that will help you manage these symptoms effectively.

Diabetic people also need to learn how to manage their diabetes properly. You cannot blame them if they forget to take their insulin or write down the amount of insulin taken. Remember that this is their disease and they have to take their medication as prescribed. They should also learn to manage their condition. Learn how to take regular meals, how to exercise, and how to manage their diabetes. This way, you will be able to avoid foods and drinks to avoid diabetes.


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